The class will be limited to one or, at most, two students at one time. The course takes three full days to complete all of Gem-A’s requirements. Scheduling is completely flexible and is simply done by agreement between the student and the tutor.  Contact Us to enquire about our current schedule and to enroll for classes.

Dr. Fogelberg is also available for review if a student is not fully confident following a lab class taken elsewhere.

The student will use his/her Gem-A provided instrument set but other instruments are on-hand and a wide selection of gemstones is available for practice.

the area of weatherford, tx

​​This practical laboratory course is taught in strict compliance with the instructions issued by Gem-A. Students will gain proficiency with observation and use of the loupe, interpretation of polariscope results and measurement of RI with the refractometer. Additionally, the use of the spectroscope, the dichroscope, the Chelsea color filter and UV light will be introduced. Measurement and weight of gemstones will be covered along with calculation of specific gravity. At the conclusion of the course, the practical endorsement will be signed and submitted to Gem-A in London.

Weatherford is the county seat of Parker County, Texas, and is known as the Cutting Horse Capital of the World and the Peach Capital of Texas. Cattle drover Oliver Loving is buried in Weatherford's Greenwood Cemetery. He was killed in New Mexico in 1867 by Indians. He asked his friend, Charles Goodnight, to bring him back 600 miles by wagon to Parker County for burial. Western fans will recognize the inspiration for  Larry McMurtry's novel, Lonesome Dove. Bose Ikard, (Deets in the tale) is also at rest in Greenwood Cemetery.

Per Gem-A:  When you book the on-line Foundation Course, the cost of the Gemmology Foundation course and the Practical Lab Class will be bundled together.  If you choose to study the Gemmology Foundation course without booking a Lab Class, you will need to organize and pay for your Lab Class. So, if you book your practical course bundled with your online distance learning (ODL), you have no additional fees. If you do not pay your practical fees at sign-up, you will be responsible for paying tuition fees prior to class beginning.

Tuition fees are $250 per day for the three-day Practical Course payable in advance. You will also be responsible for transportation, meals and hotel.





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The weather is "humid subtropical" meaning it is hot during the summer with rain distributed throughout the year. If you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait an hour. Something else is on the way!